Fall Gutter Maintenance

Regular upkeep on your gutters will help them working properly and protect your home from water damage. We recommend building this into your fall gutter maintenance routine to ensure your gutters are ready for the fall and winter seasons. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks to get you started!

Clean Out Leaves

In order to function properly, your gutter needs to be free of leaves, twigs, and other debris. If your gutter is prevented from flowing freely, it can cause your gutters to overflow and even become loose. There are two ways to avoid this: install a gutter guard protection system to keep debris out, or build gutter-cleaning into your regular maintenance routine.

To clear your gutters, start near the downspout and remove leaves, twigs, and larger debris. Use a trowel to clean out smaller bits of debris. Clearing your gutters is a perfect way to begin your fall gutter maintenance.

Check the Gutter Angle

Next, check the angle of your gutters. They should slope toward the downspouts, which allows the water to drain properly. After you’ve cleared your gutters of leaves and debris, flush your gutters with a garden hose. Make sure the water flows freely toward the downspout – this is the sign of an unclogged and properly angled gutter. If there is standing water after you’ve cleaned it, it could mean your gutter is not angled correctly. Try detaching and adjusting the angle of your gutter to fix the issue.

Gutters without enough downspouts can create a build-up of water or an overflow during heavy rainfall. This can cause water damage to your basement or crawl-space.

Watch for Leaks

When flushing your gutters with a hose, check for leaks and holes in your gutter system. If you notice leaks at the seams, use a gutter sealant along the inside and outside of the seams to repair. To fix tiny holes, use roofing cement. Repairing larger holes will mean replacing the entire section. We recommend waiting until your gutters are completely dry before repairing leaks or holes.

At Seamless Gutter Guys, we want to make sure your gutters are ready to handle the fall weather. Call us at 817-899-8531 for a gutter inspection or repair – and we’ll ensure your gutters are doing their job and protecting your home.