What to Consider When Replacing Gutters 

As we head into the fall season, it is important to ensure your gutters are ready for inclement weather. Old or damaged gutters can cause serious and expensive problems like water damage and rotten interior walls. But before you consider replacing gutters on your home or investment property, we have some tips to guide you in the process.


Check the current size of your existing gutters. Have you noticed if they can handle the volume of rain we get here in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex? Before you simply replace the gutters you have, you need to be sure your current gutter system is the proper size. Have you noticed if your gutters are overflowing with water? If so, you might consider upgrading from 5” to 6” gutters. Although 5” gutters are the standard size, the 6” are growing in popularity, as they streamline the flow of water and lessen the possibility of flood damage. If you are unsure, contact our office, and we would be happy to come out and check with you.


Are you wanting to switch up the style of your home? Today, gutters come in so many colors and materials that, if selected thoughtfully, can accent the architectural style of your home and improve its value. The variety of gutter types on the market is extensive and includes aluminum, copper, steel, zinc, vinyl, and galvanized. Check out our products page to see the many options that exist today when replacing gutters.

When considering the options in gutter types, here is a bit of information about the most popular gutter materials:

  • Aluminum is the most common gutter type and comes in a variety of colors to match your home. One of the least expensive gutter types, it offers durability and resistance to corrosion.
  • Copper gutters can last up to 150 years, if cared for properly, and serve as a beautiful and upscale addition to your home.
  • Galvanized gutters are one of the most durable gutter types, as a combination of aluminum, steel, and zinc. You will often see galvanized gutters on farmhouses and barns.

Fascia Condition

Fascia is a wooden or sheet metal board running horizontally under the edge of your roof. If your home has a fascia board, be sure to check its condition. A rotten or damaged fascia will need to be repaired before replacing gutters and installing. To check for a damaged fascia, look for signs of crumbling wood, peeling paint, warping, or stains. While many modern homes have fascia installed, it is not as common to find them on older homes. But do not underestimate their importance – they provide a level of stability for gutters. If installing fascia is not possible for your home, gutters can still be installed using a roof strap, and Seamless Gutter Guy can advise you on this.


Before replacing gutters, check the condition of your roof. When was your roof last replaced? We have many roofing contractors that we can recommend to you. The last thing you want to do is replace your gutters and find out in two years that you need a new roof. Installing a new roof means the gutters will need to be taken down, and sometimes gutters need to be replaced afterward they are taken off to replace a roof. Check to make sure your roof will not need a replacement anytime soon.

Amount of Gutter

Ask yourself how much gutter do you want to replace. Just a small portion? Or your entire home? Are you looking to add gutters to an area of your home that did not originally have them? To understand the scope and cost of the project, these details are important to know, and Seamless Gutter Guy can advise you on the most economical way to proceed.

If you’re considering a gutter replacement or repair, consider hiring Seamless Gutter Guy to get the job done.

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